Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Stock!

The range of berets at South Pacific Berets has expanded!

I now sell a range of Boinas Elósegui un-lined berets in 27.5cm (or 10.8"). The unlined berets of Boinas Elósegui offers a variety of colour options in basic Basque berets (basic meaning: no satin lining and no teflon rain-treatment, but still the quality of traditionally made Spanish Basque berets in 100% merino wool.

These berets have no headband, are easily stretch-able and fit snug on everyone's head. A great beret for everyday wear at a good price in a choice of colours.

Also, again, pakols from the North West Frontier Province in Pakistan.
The pakol (also spelled pakul or pakoul) is commonly worn by people in Afghanistan, the North West Frontier of Pakistan and other areas of Pakistan such as Gilgit and Hunza. It is also worn in parts of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. In India, it is most popular in the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.

The Pakol is a soft, round-topped Afghan men's hat, although outside Central Asia, the pakol has become popular with women as well. 
Before it is fitted, the pakol resembles a bag with a round, flat bottom. The wearer rolls up the sides nearly to the top, forming a thick band, which then rests on the head like the beret or a cap. It comes in a variety of colors: brown, dessert brown, brown, cream (ivory),light gray and dark grey. 

The best known pakol wearer was the Afghan rebel Commander Ahmad Shah Masoud who fought the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan (1979–1989).

It keeps your head warm, wears comfortably and shapes easily to you head.

And, also back in stock are the marinières, telnyashka's and T-shirts of the Chinese People Liberation Army-Navy; click here

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  1. As a Pakol wearer I would like to share an experience with others, who have rather large heads, too:
    If the pakol is too tight, as it was with both of mine and my size 62 head, open one of the seams running along the fabric top to bottom. Repeat til the pakol fits tight enough, not too loose, then wear it to stretch to the perfect size.