Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chinese Berets (in the PLA)

Of course, it is very easy to scoff at Chinese made berets and claim that there is nothing better than the Spanish and South American made  berets that I sell through South Pacific Berets
Well, I do actually believe that statement to be true, but also have to admit that, through the Citroen SM Club of Australia, I have got a very nice Chinese made beret; a bit too much the military style, but very comfortable and good quality.

And let's face it, if you just look at the numbers in the Chinese PLA, (some 3.5 million active servicemen and women!), it is obvious the Chinese have some idea of how to produce a half-decent beret. 
And how they can show their berets..? Yes, quite different from my time in the Dutch military (see post "Don't let them break you, punch back!" 8 May):

Okay, that'll do... But then, have a look here for a rather scary video of how these young men and women are trained into submission.

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