Monday, June 21, 2010

New Stock from Buenos Aires is IN!

It almost looked as if I had to stop the line of Tolosa Tupida and Espinosa berets from Argentina, but no - they are back in stock (and I am very, very happy with that)!

I often get the question which beret is "best", an Elosegui or a Bonigor.  It's a question I find impossible to answer as it really depends on what you, as a wearer of berets, value. 
Quality wise, in the sense of manufacturing and finishing, I believe there is no beret that beats the Boinas Elosegui Super Lujo and Tupida models; fantastic berets, beautiful smooth merino wool, elegant and slightly formal.

But, personally I prefer wearing the berets made by Bonigor SA, Buenos Aires. The Tolosa Tupida's are a good size (diameter) and just very, very comfortable to wear. Soft, easy to shape, a great range of colours and perfect for every day wear. Like the berets made by Boinas Elosegui, you'll see good craftsmanship and a beautiful finishing with satin lining and a sewn-on embroidered label - possibly just not as smooth as Elosegui's top models. 
And yes, I like the thought that 98% of Bonigor's berets are worn by the gaucho's, farmers and peasants on the pampas and fishermen of Argentina, Chile and Uruguay - they are far from a fashion item and are worn by the working people.
The Espinosa range is similar to the Tolosa Tupida in a smaller diameter and without satin lining and now with many more colours to choose from (Black, Navy, Gray, Green and Brown).
My friend David, in front of the Bonigor premises in B.A.
And then, of course, the cotton berets. Being a bit of a beret-purist, I remember being skeptical about these when I first learned about them, but I am completely converted. Every man (and woman) should have at least a couple!
Again, beautiful craftsmanship, knitted cotton in a delicate pattern, excellent protection from both the sun and the cold - I can't recommend these berets enough...

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