Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Red Beret for Roger Federer

Man tries to force red beret on Roger Federer’s head

"Stunned and shaken, Roger Federer stood on center court during the French Open final wondering if the intruder who had just appeared and ‘got in his face’ posed a threat.   Police arrested the man, who will be charged with illegally entering a sports stadium.
The on-court intruder leaped into the area of play early in the second set, getting through a section of photographers sitting in the front row and hopping over the small wall separating them from the red clay.  The man tried to put a red beret on Federer’s head and then ran around the court, waving a Barcelona soccer team flag."
See it here on Youtube.

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  1. These Catalans are always smurfing around and having fun! They even plot to separate from Spain and run their own family like Big Pauly Castellano used to.