Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Barbie con Boina

In my continuing quest for everything related to berets, I came upon Barbie, the impossible beauty myth sold to millions of children around the world - giving them strong messages on waist- and bustlines. 
Typically, a few of her outfits are very French with Basque beret and marinière and, of course, an artist's set. Looking a little further into the phenomenon Barbie, I came upon the lawsuit against artist Tom Forsysthe (one of many people, companies, artists targeted legally by Mattel Inc.). 
The outcome though was more than pleasing; have a read here and check out the beautiful photographs of Barbie in the food-chain (in sympathy with all those other parents of Barbie-loving-daughters...).

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  1. Sadly, the link is broken. I would have been interested to read more. Barbie and Ken have done much damage to impressionable children over the years. They are not playthings but modes of indoctrination.