Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sarah Palin

Driving home through the night I just heard the disastrous US election results on NZ Radio. Despite all the explanations of journalists, political scientists, anthropologists, historians, Americanologists and all others coming through my speakers, I still fail to understand how so many people can be so dumb

Only a few years back we collectively laughed at Sarah Palin and her ambitions - who could even imagine this woman elected for president..? 
I remember the enormous sigh of relief; here, there and everywhere, after the departure of G.W., but what will happen in another 2 years? Will we be held hostage again for 4 years, or more?
Painting by Dan Lacey
Fearfully, I started searching for any material that related Ms Palin with the Basque beret. Fear not: the closest I got was Ms Palin wearing a floppy pancake.
Apologies for the bumper sticker - I couldn't resist


  1. Agreed, sad but true. No one can tell what will be next in 2 years.

  2. Wow. I didn't know that Sarah Palin got elected to any office...

  3. And let's hope it stays that way. The post merely pointed out the enormous support for Palin's ideas in the US, the victory of the Tea Party and the decline of support for Mr Obama - a worry for many people (outside the US).

  4. You've become such an asshole, and your politics have sadly been making it to your otherwise enjoyable web site. If you were to read more widely than your usual sources of political information pertaining to American politics, you might learn that this president is less than desirable. Loosen your tighty-whities and expand. The Tea Party is a movement for a reason. It's counter to the President's Marxist-Socialism.

  5. Dear "Anonymous",
    I am happy to read you find my blog enjoyable, but need to correct you: 'politics' were in it from the very beginning; whether writing about anti-fascism, the Spanish Republic, beret-clad dictators on the left and right, Nazism or out of fear to see someone like Sarah Palin gaining popularity among large parts of the American population.
    As for calling me what you did, I can live with that, but next time, please sign with your name instead of staying anonymous.
    Cheers, Daan

  6. Very sadly, I now write that we were right to worry - Donald Trump is now the President of the USA. He won because of the Electoral College and not because of winning the popular vote. The frightening part is how many "Anonymous" types (above) support Trump's fascism. This blog is loaded with politics but I suppose for Anonymous, politics only count when they run counter to his/her personal opinions. S/he is watching too much Fox News. Ever notice how these types resort to name-calling and claiming others are ignorant of the truth when their own argument is so weak? Go away.