Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Espinosa's Algodon

The new cotton Boinas Espinosa have arrived, berets in the same quality as the Tolosa Tupida Algodon (cotton), but in a 28cm/11" diameter and without satin lining; smaller, lighter and cooler than it's big brother.
Black, Navy, Green, Grey, Maroon and Cream coloured.

Available from South Pacific Cowboy @ $35.00 (plus postage).

Espinosa Algodon


  1. looking for womans size 7 with headband tupida tolosa cotton beret

  2. Hi Jane,
    Not with headband - I only sell berets without headband, just the woolen rim (which, really, is much more comfortabel). Have a look at the South Pacific berets site for more information and pictures.
    Frankly, i don't believe there are any outlets where you could find a T.T. with headband outside Argentina or Uruguay.
    There is an Argentinean alternative to Ebay - (Mercado Libre, I believe?); you could try that.