Thursday, November 25, 2010

Orange Berets for Child Soldiers

More berets from the Netherlands, and at least as embarrassing as the continuing monarchy (just this morning an article in the Dutch financial paper on how Prince Bernhard was involved in trading of arms, destabilizing the new Indonesian government...) are these Oranje Baretten (Orange Berets). 
Short of volunteers to join the military, the army came up with a promotional unit to lure children into the armed forces: Orange Berets. 
Nifty computer games show what kind of paradise awaits the youngsters when they become actual soldiers: As an "Orange Beret" you'll participate in major military and peacekeeping operations. Each operation contains a number of exciting missions. Like being parachuted on an island devestated by a hurricane, or a trip on foot through a dense tropical rainforest, which is littered with mines. The different missions you work on provide peace and security for locals, and you will earn points. Are you at the end with the highest total scores, you get a spectacular reward!
Interesting to see this coming from the Netherlands, a country so vocal against Child Soldiers elsewhere in the world...


  1. Ok - orange berets are out! It was ok with the monarchy but this is too outrageous.