Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mike Cressy, in his own words

A humble lad really. From deep in the bowels of Detroit I sprang. Greek roots from the old country. 2nd generation. Worked in the car factories until I saved enough to make my excape to the west (left) coast. Hunkered down in Los Angeles for a number of years learning my craft as an artist so that one day I could make a splash (more like a piddle really.) in the art world.
I met up with some well seasoned lads from the old school. Ren Wicks, Bill Robles (Bill is still among us.) , Nick Galloway, Neil Boyle and Larry Salk. All well known in their day for their creativity. They taught me all I know about the business. We were known then as Group West.
Having had that training, I made my way in the commercial art world. Then I got married, moved to Seattle and started working in the computer game industry, just because there was a lot of money to be made there and they hired artists. 
Then I got divorced.
Free as a bird I went from company to company, making my mark over and over again. With a place like Microsoft there were chances to do that over and over again. A great place if you get on with people. Even computer people. (wink)
These days I'm back at doing my own art and trying to make a go at it. Check out me new website and send me a note.

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