Monday, November 15, 2010

Super Lujo Prices

It always annoys me when I read a full explanation of a price rise by retailers - the more reasoning, the more I question it's genuineness. But then, turned retailer by accident myself, I am going to do the same:
The new stock of Super Lujo's coming in by the end of this month (12.5" and 14", Black and Navy) will go up in price with $5 per beret. It is a conspiracy, really: Boinas Elosegui raising their wholesale prices, Spanish Post changing from weight based to volume based tariffs (not good, when sending berets!) and last the high NZ$ versus an all time low US$. 
But.., it is still cheaper to buy your Super Lujo from South Pacific Berets than order directly from the factory, thanks to the numbers I buy.  
To relief the bad news: I have a number of Super Lujo's in stock still (12.5" and 14", black only) and keep them at the original price till 1 December. So, if you are looking for a good deal Xmas present - go for it now!
As for the other berets by Boinas Elosegui, there are still lots of Basica's, Tupida's and Fina's in stock and prices remain as they are - whether they'll be reordered when stock runs dry, I don't know at present.

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  1. The facts are the facts. You're a one-man operation, just trying to provide a quality product and make a bit of a living, too. It's not like you're a mega corporation, looking only to make more money for the owners and share holders. Transparency is always best.