Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bernie Dexter

Another model in the Bettie Page category is Bernie Dexter, very much a BP look-a-like. 
At 18, she won the Miss Teen San Diego County and initially pursued a career in acting and modelling. She trained at cosmetology school, first working for Make-up Art Cosmetics and then working freelance on photoshoots. It was on one of these shoots, in 2002, that Dexter was photographed herself. She entered the photographs in the Viva Las Vegas pin-up contest and got such good feedback that she decided to concentrate on being a pin-up model.
German tabloid Bild dubbed Dexter "the queen of pin-ups" ("die Königin des Pin-ups") and compared her to Dita Von Teese (see yesterday's post).
In March 2011 Bernie Dexter was announced as the face of True Corset.
Dexter has been the subject of paintings by Olivia De Berardinis. 

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