Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dolores Hart (God is the Bigger Elvis)

Dolores Hart kissed Elvis Presley in her first film, starred in nine more movies within six years, and then gave it all up to become a nun.

Hart is the subject of “God Is the Bigger Elvis”. Filming began last July at the Benedictine Abbey of Regina Laudis in Connecticut, where she’s lived since 1963.
Hart, now 73, rose to fame playing Presley’s love interest in the 1957 movie “Loving You.” She locked lips with the legendary singer in that film, and was soon cast in several others.

She appeared with George Hamilton in 1960’s “Where the Boys Are,” and opposite Stephen Boyd in 1962’s “The Inspector.” Hart even starred alongside Presley again in 1958’s “King Creole.”

Dolores Hart in the 1961 movie "The Inspector."
She first visited the abbey to rest after suffering from fatigue while starring in the Broadway show “The Pleasure of His Company.” Hart felt at peace there, and returned several times as she continued to make movies.
Hart realized she wanted to commit to God. She joined the abbey at age 24 and became a Roman Catholic nun at 25.
Dolores Hart is the only beret-wearing RC nun I know of.

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