Monday, April 9, 2012

Roberto Santoro

Jorge Roberto Santoro ( Buenos Aires , Argentina , April 17 of 1939 - detained-disappeared in 1977 ) was an Argentine poet.
Roberto Santoro was the son of factory workers. He had several jobs to make ends meet: painter, street vendor, market stallholder, typographer and teacher in an industrial school, however, his contribution lies in poetry. He founded and directed  El Barrilete, a literary magazine.

Roberto Santoro, Alberto Costa, Rafael Vásquez y Enrique Courau
Santoro always assumed a militant political attitude. In the 1960's he joined the Revolutionary Workers Party (PRT). The social political intentionality is a constant in his work.
Jorge Roberto Santoro was abducted by state terrorists on June 1, 1977; taken from his  work: the National Technical Education School No. 25 "First Lieutenant of Artillery Fray Luis Beltran".

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