Friday, April 27, 2012

The Germans are Coming!

Oh yes, the Germans are coming!
I should have these Baskenmütze mid-May at the latest; some of the most comfortable berets I have ever worn (haven't worn anything else since receiving my first sample two weeks ago!). 
Quite different from any other beret I stock (or own); these berets have a small rim of sewn-on felted wool, lifting the beret a few millimeters from the head, finished with a slim leather headband. 
The berets are fitted with two air vents and finished with an unusual pleasant lining. 
My sample (as per these pictures on the top of Tinakori Hill in Wellington) is a navy coloured one, but they'll become available in both navy and black. 
I'll keep you updated!

And since I'm talking new stock anyway, let me tell you that South Pacific Berets now stocks 32.5cm Super Lujo's in navy and maroon.
Click here.

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