Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Peaked Berets - Now at South Pacific Berets!

Remember August 8th post on Dutch painter and COBRA co-founder Corneille and his peaked berets?
I am very proud to have finally sourced these berets! Made of 100% pure wool, black in a one size fit all, available at South pacific Berets @ $43.50 (international postage & handling included!). Better still, I am working on a range of custom made peaked berets, hopefully available later this year. 
Don't think this is a kind of Greek Fisherman's cap (or "John Lennon Hat"), or "newsboy cap", or one of all those other caps that are commonly named "berets". A beret is made of one piece of knitted material, closed in a circular shape with the end of the closing thread sticking out in the middle. A peaked beret is just that, with the peak added on!

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