Saturday, February 6, 2016

Berets in Prehistoric Caves

Some of the most beautiful caves of prehistoric times are coincidentally found in the same area as where most berets are found, the South-West of France. Below a collection of some fine samples of the combination.
The cave of Rouffignac:
Henri Breuil at the Grand Plafond. Note the low ceiling. H. Breuil is at one edge of the deep well above which the Grand Plafond was created. 
A visit to the cave in 1956 by Abbé Breuil, Professor Graziosi, Director of the Museum of Anthropology of Florence, and the owners of the site. 
Here we see the visitors preparing to enter the cave, carrying carbide/acetylene torches for lighting. Abbé Breuil is on the right of these two photos in his characteristic beret. 

This still gives a good idea of the scale of the paintings, and the characteristic nodules in the walls. 

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