Tuesday, February 16, 2016

No Pasaran!

No Pasaran is a French movie directed by Emmanuel Caussé and Eric Martin and was released in 2009.
Maxence Lafourcade, a quiet single farmer, raises pigs in the Pyrenees. His life is shaken when he learns that a highway will soon cross the mountains, through the valley, straight across his farm. To face the cynical deputy mayor and his project, he must make an alliance against his nature with a local American. Peter Konchelsky, retired and disillusioned lawyer, adopts the cause of the farmer under the astonished gaze of his daughter Scarlett. An eccentric artist, she discovers an unexpected Maxence!
Join this band of "Resistance": Ines, an écoterroriste always at the forefront of the fight, Fabrice, champion of the local rugby team who judges that his uncle the mayor lost his "rugby spirit" and Bouzigue, cousin of Maxence who fears losing customers to his service station ... "No Pasaran!"

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