Monday, February 15, 2016

Raymond Isidore

The House Picassiette is an example of naïve architecture consisting of mosaics of earthenware and glass, cast in cement. It is located in Chartres.
It was built by one man: Raymond Isidore (1900 - 1964). Once the house was built, he had the idea to make frescoes covering everything. His life was totally devoted to the construction and decoration of his house and garden.
The end of his life was tragic. His inspiration dried up, he had exhausted himself, he wandered aimlessly with a  tottering mind. On a stormy night, he fled from his home across the fields, a prey to delusions of doom. 
He died soon after. Despite a late success, he experienced throughout his life incomprehension and mockery.

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  1. It's a sad fact that genius is often only recognised and reward posthumously. He must have had an inner strength of character to endure a lifetime of mockery.