Monday, February 29, 2016

Musée Félix Gresset

This is not a museum like any other. At the heart of the picturesque village of Chantegrue, there is an exposition of wooden creatures of all kind. The Felix Cresset museum, named after the creator of these half-beast half-demons objects, shows  a magical and fantastic universe, the animated universe and enchanted forests of the Haut-Doubs.
Cresset Felix was  ​​a small farmer in Chantegrue. Once retired, he became the mender of the town. During these days he maintained the roadsides, unearthing branches and roots, bits of misshapen wood. Where most see only shapeless twisted branches and stumps, he sees a hidden world of pets, disturbing beasts, wild geniuses. And over the years, it's a real bestiary it develops.
His daughter, Martine Cresset, remembers her  father's passion debut: "He began by making a bird using branches. And my cousin, who studied fine arts in Autun, said: but it's beautiful what you do uncle! And suddenly it pushed him to continue. "
Birds, ducks, snakes, mice, these are all kinds of animals that inhabit then the front of his farm. By a stroke of paint, a notch sketch using an accessory, it shows what he himself perceives immediately.
After his death in 1993, his children decided to bequeath his works to the town, making it an open museum, accessible to all. Arranged around the fountain with wooden animals seem to drink. 

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