Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sharpeye's Catalan Berets

It is not often that I recommend berets that I don't stock myself - for the simple reason that I aim to stock all berets that are worth stocking!
However, there are exceptions. Sharpeye's Catalan Beret is such one.
Not a beret in the strict sense of the word; it is a cap in the shape of a beret, a composite of 6 pieces of felted wool - similar to a newsboy cap. The most interesting feature is the headband, which is contrary to Basque berets, fitted on the outside and surprisingly, giving a very comfortable feel.
The 6 triangular panels that form the beret, come together under an added leatherette piece resembling a cabilliou (the "wick" at the centre) and the beret is fitted with a comfortable (roomy) cotton lining, labeled both on the in- and the outside.
I have to confess to really liking this beret; I bought two (navy and camel) and just heard from manufacturer Barrie there is now a grey version too (and I am sure I'll be donning one soon enough!).
You can easily spend a good 1/2 hour reading about Sharpeye, his life story, designs and journey through the London fashion world here, or follow his blog here
Meanwhile, I'm keen to explore his idea of exterior headbands further. I already found out that Sharpeye isn't the first to work this principle; a lady from Tardets (Basque village of Soule, France) hand-made some 300 pieces a year for former French manufacturer Beighau under the 'VERGEZ Tardets' label.
To be continued...

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