Saturday, February 20, 2016

Make My Day!

It is that day of the year again, the bonetaire's birthday (53 this year, thank you) and on the promise that I'll continue using her slogan "MAKE MY DAY, BUY A BERET!", it was agreed upon with my daughter that I can publish my own post (this place behind the computer has been stolen before, on this day...). 
So, what to post on myself today? I guess this embarrassing picture of a few years back will do nicely...


  1. Bravo "Bonetaire" !Have a good day, and a lot of good years too !
    Your concept of putting berets with humanism is very nice !

  2. It's hardly an embarrassing photo. On the contrary, it's quite nice.
    I agree with Teder Merger's comment above. Connecting berets with humanism makes wearing berets even more meaningful than wearing just a hat.