Thursday, May 19, 2011

Radiovka's from the Czech Republic!

More news from South Pacific Berets: Czech made 'Radiovka's':
the 28cm 'UltraBasque', a beautiful beret in 100% wool, one size fits all in a variety of grey and brown shades. These berets are unlined and make excellent berets for warmer weather.
The 'Service Star' is a completely different beret; fitted with a military style rim and three air-vents, without the txortena(the "fuse" in the center of the beret) and with a tartan checked lining. This beret has a 28.5cm diameter and is presently only available in size 60.
And last, the typical 'Radiovka' as made famous by Pat & Mat: a 23cm diameter light wool beret with headband and tartan checked lining. Also, presently only available in size 60.

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