Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Roma - The Italian Popular Worker's Beret

Up to the 1970's, the Italian Popular Workers Beret was the standard headgear for workers in the Italian industrial heartland - small diameter berets of light wool, fitted with a headband and a checked satin lining.
These berets were and are made by Baschificio A. Setti; the heritage of a product that goes back to the year 1925, the year that Alberto Setti set up business in a workshop at number 24 of the Via Fanti in Carpi, Italy. 
Alberto combined his commercial intuition with great technical know-how, reflected by the number of patents taken out and registered by his company. The concepts of quality control and the ongoing research to improve his products were the foundation stones of Alberto Setti's entrepreneurial philosophy - leaving a company that to this day produces some of the finest quality berets one can find.
Here, at South Pacific Berets, we stock the most famous of Italian berets: the Roma. A traditional worker's beret in a small (24cm) diameter. One of the best known adepts of this beret is, of course, Federico Fellini. The Roma is made of 100% wool and has a checked satin lining and is fitted with a headband; available in both black and navy in sizes 57, 58, 59 and 60.   

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  1. Nice to see my own beret on this site!
    Though I need to buy a larger one, for rainy days... but as it's probably not's going to rain for two or three months, besides sporadic showers, I think I can delay a little...

    one of your affectionate italian readers :)