Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Carl McCoy (1963, London, England) is the frontman for gothic rock band Fields of the Nephilim.
McCoy's most recent album, Mourning Sun, was released in 2005. Although it was released under the name Fields of the Nephilim, McCoy has been secretive about the musicians who play on Mourning Sun, though John 'Capachino' Carter is the only named contributor.
McCoy is well known for his mystical and occult-based lyrics and beliefs. His works often make reference Aleister Crowley, although he is not publicly a follower of Crowley's Thelema religion. Clay disc recordings of Crowley's voice can be heard on a handful of Fields of the Nephilim songs, specifically on Elizium; one of Fields of the Nephilim's biggest hits, "Moonchild", shares a name with one of Crowley's novels.
In interviews, McCoy has hinted that he sees his on-stage performances as theurgic, magickal or shamanic workings.
I only learned about McCoy after a customer asking if I stocked berets similar to the one pictured here. I thought it was a French beret with the headband turned outwards - in hindsight, it may actually be a military peaked cap with the visor removed... 

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  1. Met this man in the 80s, I wonder if he still carries the Witches wood vase I gave to him in his suitcase? I still have soft spot for the FOTN but I feel so damn old now! :\