Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pieter in Bordeaux

One of the best things about this Beret Project is the number of like-minded people I "meet" and with some, even establish  friendships.
One customer-turned-friend is fellow Dutchman Pieter, who has a fascination for anything maroon, or really I should say Bordeaux
Wine merchant (Bordeaux, yes), amateur historian, founder of the Wine Liberation Front and chroniqueur of old wines (handwritten in large parchment books using quills). 
Showing his pictures, with beret and white beard of course, my 8 year old daughter was convinced it was her father - whether that is a compliment for Pieter or me, I don't know... 
From top to bottom: Tunisian Chechia, Spanish Elosegui Super Lujo, Argentinean Tolosa Tupida, New Zealand Hills beret with Wine Liberation Front badge. 


  1. eHi Daan,
    I'm very flattered with this perfect publication of my pictures in combination with your text, like how you write your books, which I'm still reading with joy!
    -/;-)::> Pieter

  2. Very nice to see my good friend Pieter being honored