Thursday, November 29, 2012

Suzy Mangion

Suzy Mangion is one of those performers music critics rave about, but not enough people have heard of.
Suzy Mangion looks good with a beret
Starting from a Durham cupboard containing only a piano and a drumkit, Suzy began her public music-making in 1994 as one half of duo George, who released a number of acclaimed secret pop records on Earworm, Bad Jazz and Pickled Egg Records.
In 2006, Suzy Mangion split George and loaded her collection of toy keyboards onto her percussion trolley, and went over the mountain. Which is where we find her now.
Her first solo album, The Other Side Of The Mountain, is a record of old-fashioned length and unfashionable feeling. Distinctively intimate production and melancholic song-writing have created an intense and charming record.
Suzy’s songs explore many styles, but are always unified by her trademark haunting vocals and complex harmonies. She experiements with electronics, old and new, mixed with a bricolage of beats, banjos and beat-up pianos.

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