Monday, November 5, 2012

Good News

Good news for those who share my passion for the field version of the Tarte Chasseur Alpin, or maybe I should say: those who'd like to be converted to the Tarte. 
Strange as it may sound, it proved almost impossible to get more stock in of these grand berets, but finally, I received confirmation that they are on their way! Post and NZ Customs willing, the Tartes should be in by the 15th of November. 
Top quality (200 grams!) winter berets, made by Beatex-Laulhère in Sainte-Marie-Oloron.
Meanwhile, there are still a few Tartes in stock in size 59-61. I dare say, if you happen to live in the northern hemisphere - you'd better be in quick! (Personally, I dread the time that it really turns to summer, down here in NZ...).

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