Sunday, December 23, 2012

DEER Beret from Japan!

Just learned that the brand new Basque berets from Japan have arrived at Auckland Intl Airport
NZ-Customs and Christmas busyness permitting, they should come available later this week. 
When I grew up, 40 years ago in the Netherlands, Japanese goods were not considered compatible with anything European or American made. I remember a neighbour being the first convert to a Mazda in our neighbourhood, late 1960's, and that was not seen as a positive move by the rest of the street... 
Now we know better, of course. And even though I stubbornly continue driving a French car, I know that the Japanese equivalent is better, longer lasting and more reliable. And like so many things that the Japanese put their hands on, so it is with Basque berets (a popular headgear in Japan). These berets are extremely well made with great eye for detail. I have to confess that I have not seen any European or South American beret with a lining as nice as these Deer berets. 
Not cheap, unfortunately; depending on NZ Customs assessment (duties and taxes), they're likely to be between the 60 and 70 $-mark. But then, you'll have an extremely well made beret, which is not sold anywhere else outside Japan! To be continued later this week...

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