Saturday, December 29, 2012

Telesforo Aranzadi Unamuno

Telesforo Aranzadi Unamuno (1860 - 1945) was a scientist specializing in anthropology , botany and zoology.
Unamuno conducted intensive research in various fields of Anthropology, Natural Sciences and Ethnography.  
His first publication was on Basque mushrooms and the vegetation of the Basque Country.
Telesforo de Aranzadi at an excavation of the dolmen of Albia en Aralar
Together with José Miguel de Barandiarán and Professor Enrique Egurenhe led the first campaign of excavations and research into the prehistoric dolmens of Aralar Gipuzkoa. 
His writings exceeds the number of three hundred publications, books, articles and others.
He died in Barcelona on February 12 , 1945, at 85 years of age.

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