Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Unemployed Life

Drew and Kellen might be unemployed but they certainly have an occupation. Filling their afternoons with questionable facts and idiotic banter, the two share their lives together despite their differences.

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  1. This post is excellent! Dutchman, you've done it again!!

    Be you North American, French or wherever you have to love HOW all naturally gravitate to want to live, eat, and enjoy Spain! They don't say England, U.S.A., or Portugal, they ALL say Spain!!! That tells you something of the cultural, social and gastronomic richness Spain offers. Life was meant to be enjoyed, not worked to death like the Anglo-whitey-complex wishes for us all (sad but true).

    And please, do not forget, to be a good Spaniard you will also need an ELOSEGUI boina!