Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cenizas del cielo (Ashes from the Sky)

Jose Antonio Quieros's drama Cenizas del cielo (Ashes from the Sky) is a naturalistic comedy about the love of nature and the inability of man to conquer the forces of development and stars Celso Bugallo as Federico, a gentleman who has spent the better part of thirty years living in a quaint, lyrical valley all but ruined by the presence of one element - the local nuclear power plant. 
After three decades of protesting the plant's presence in vain, he receives word of the Kyoto Agreement, a new law that may just play an instrumental role in closing the plant down.
This is a contradictory story in which there is no unique truth. In 'Ashes from the sky ' there are small victories and small failures. Many berets in this Asturian film; highly recommended!


  1. Thx 4 sharing Daan. Wlll watch this movie tonight. I'm still working on my book on the history of the beret. I decided to write it in Spanish, since it's more (immediately) relevant to that culture and of course to the French culture as well. Cheers.

    1. Excellent! Keep me updated on the progress on the book.

  2. I watched the movie. It's a very nice Spanish production, love the simplicity of such movies. The way the character Federico interacted with his béret was quite charming, old school sort of. I've downloaded some films which feature men wearing berets in Spanish, the old school fashion, men who were transhumant shepherds in their younger days, mostly documentaries. Have you seen the movie Belle Epoque by Fernando Trueba. The story is placed in the Spain of the 20s I believe and features many types of headdress, in a time when wearing hats was much more common than today. It's from 1992 and Penelope Cruz also plays a role in there. There's a lovely scene where one guy dresses a Carlist uniform sporting the typical wide crowned red beret that was the symbol of the Carlist movement in the 19the century. Lots of berets in there, for the ladies too of course. I took 1-year break from writing on my beret book. I was doing it in English, but then I changed my strategy. I'm speculating finding a way to print and publish in Spain, I'll see what my options are. Sometimes you need distance from projects like these to collect your thoughts and see where you want to go with it. I briefly mention you and your blog with relation to information you have on Béret Barraban, the very 1st béret factory from Oloron as you well know. Anyways, I'll keep you posted. I've got loads of text to create. Cheers Daan, I'll talk to you some other time.