Monday, August 4, 2014

Melanie Jones

From the blog of Roberta McDonald:
This shot is the result of Melanie Jones showing up at my house, stripping down to some slinky lingerie, tossing on a beret and some cowboy boots, then hopping up on a shelf in my office. Because that’s how she rolls. Writer, performer, creative coach, Melanie is the epitome of gusto. She’s a relentless believer in the transformative power of creativity. In 2008, she embarked on her JOY (Just One Year) project, focusing her entire being on living as an artist. The process took her to Paris (where she completed a novel) and in-troduced her to CAWST, a non-profit dedicated to providing safe, clean water to developing communities. Last summer, she left the comfort of Calgary for Africa and India as their volunteer writer. She has two degrees in dance and it shows in the way she moves her willowy yet athletic body. At times, she’s panther-like, sleek and slightly dangerous. At others, she’s visual comedy, evoking the awkward experience of riding bikes in a triathalon. She’ll be smack in the middle of Manhattan this March to study with the SITI theatre company. She’s also developing her one-woman show, ENDURE. And yes, she gets shit done.

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