Friday, August 29, 2014


"Zurückgewiesen" (Rejected")
"He took the two day entrance exam for the academy's school of painting. Confident and self assured, he awaited the result, quite sure he would get in. But failure struck him like a bolt of lightning. His test drawings were judged unsatisfactory and he was not admitted. Badly shaken by this rejection, he went back to the academy to get an explanation and was told his drawings showed a lack of talent for artistic painting, notably a lack of appreciation of the human form.

One year later, In October, he tried for the second time to gain admission to the Academy of Fine Arts. However, his test drawings were judged as so poor that he was not even allowed to take the formal exam. It was a bitter disappointment and effectively left him on the outside looking in at the artistic community..."

The former aspiring artist went on to become one of the most notorious mass murderers in the history of civilization.

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