Monday, March 30, 2015

Child Eating Basque

A monstrous giant that devours children, this slide in Bilbao (Spanish Basque Country).  One enters through the mouth and, as it should be, leaves from the back-end.
I wonder what Jung would say about this contraption… Eaten by a Basque with beret. Some kind of initiation, no doubt.
Once the child climbed in, the mouth closes behind him/her and there’s definitely some fear to overcome, on the way sliding out. 


  1. Ongi Etorri Daan! This Basque (Boina and all) will eat you up! LOL,LOL,LOL....Hillarious!!

  2. Whoever thought this up? The threat to a ultimate naughty child who won't behave. Does the experience of being eaten and pooped-out the other end have any lasting psychological impact on children...?