Thursday, March 19, 2015

The 4th Legion Saharan Motorized Company

Legionnaires of 4e CSPL during the Boulevard de Béchar road construction (1961)
The 4th Legion Saharan Motorized Company (4e CSPL) was a Saharan motorized infantry unit of the French Foreign Legion, serving in Algeria during 1955 – 1963. The company was the youngest Saharan motorized company of the Legion. 
Dodges 6×6 of 4e CSPL during a mission in the Hamaguir region (May 1962)
This little known self-governing, autonomous company was established in 1955 as one of the Legion’s four motorized companies (CPLE) being stationed in Algeria. In 1956, the company was designated a Saharan company and received the traditional Saharan uniforms. It joined the Algerian War and participated in till the end of the conflict. The company was disbanded in 1963.
El Raoul, the Sahara. The last mission of 4e CSPL in its history. (February 1963)

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