Thursday, April 19, 2018

Arturo Di Modica

Arturo Di Modica (1941) is an Italian artist, born in Vittoria, Sicily who became a US citizen. He is best known for his sculpture Charging Bull (also known as the Wall Street Bull, in reference to Wall Street), which he installed without permission in front of the New York Stock Exchange in December 1987. 
The work cost US$350,000 of the artist's own money. The three-ton bronze piece is in its current location on loan to the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.
A statue of a defiant little girl, created by American artist Kristen Visbal, was placed in front of Wall Street's Charging Bull to challenge the 'traditionally male environment' of the industry, on International Women's Day. 'Know the power of women in leadership', reads a small plaque on the cobblestones near the statue’s feet. 'SHE makes a difference.' The project was arranged as a message to their fellow Wall Street entities: Hire more women.
Visbal was quoted by the Wall Street Journal as saying: 'Wall Street is a traditionally male environment and it says, ‘Hey, we’re here’. In 2017, Di Modica opposed the installation of the Fearless Girl sculpture across from his bull, calling it an "advertising trick" created by State Street Global and the advertising firm McCann.

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