Wednesday, April 25, 2018

¿Donde esta Patxi en Bilbao?

Similar to the famous  "Where is Wally?" books, "Where is Patxi in Bilbao?" is a picture book with in every picture a tiny Patxi hidden.
The book shows the most representative and large events in Bilbao, such as the Guggenheim Museum, the Atrium of the Alhóndiga, the Santo Tomás Market, the BBK Live Festival, etc.
Language is not much of an issue in this book that is all about the pictures. Get to know Bilbao looking for Patxi.


  1. Yeah i know that Patxi Lopez guy!

  2. I had a cold beer with Patxi once and he proceede to tell me a wonderful joke.

    "Bacaladitos do Putugal e Chouriço fritu com verduiras."

    I laughed...i cried...i saved 5 bucks. It was wonderful.

  3. i remeber Patxi back in 78. We had a drink together and then ate a pintxo de bacalado and one with chistora. Those were some fun times.