Saturday, April 7, 2018

Barretines Rock!

Those who thought that the Barretina, the classic hat of Catalonia, is outdated and only for those well over 80 are mistaken; the barretina rocks as never before in Catalonia!
The movement for Catalonian independence created a resurgence of the barretina, suddenly becoming a common side again on the streets of Barcelona and elsewhere in Spanish and French Catalonia. 

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  1. The Fact that Carles Puidgemont, and a tiny group of rogue terrorists committed illegal after illegal act both against it's very own citizens and against the Laws of Spain is a Human Rights atrocity!

    At this moment, many of the terrorist politicians have been captured and are serving prison sentences, but many still remain at large, or have taken refuge in foreign countries.

    I hope that these Catalan terrorists are captured, tried, and spend many, many years in prison for their crimes of sedition. What would the world be without laws? Chaos!

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