Wednesday, April 11, 2018


I have posted before on the "Despoblados", the forgotten towns that were submerged to create hydro lakes in the Spanish mountains under Franco's dictatorship - often a revenge on the "Reds" who lived there.
Vegamián is one such town and unlike many others, was not demolished or cannibalized before the water took over. 
In 1983 the lake had to be cleaned up (removing dead trees and other debris, so as not to block the turbines of the power station). What emerged under layers of mud was a village that was very much intact.
This (above) is the school; every brick still there, windows and roof in place.
 Above two neighbors of Vegamián in front of the Hermitage of San Antonio, below 'after the flood'.
Julio and Millán in what was their town:
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