Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to and how not to

I find it interesting how often people ask me how they should wear their beret and, searching the internet, it seems to be a major problem for (potential) beret wearers. There is no right way, of course - you should wear your beret the way you like it, whether it's leaning to the left, right, on the back of your head, pulled forward in a bill-shape...Soldiers seem to be most fuzzy about the way they look (see previous post A Sign of our Greatness..?), but there are plenty of manuals around for women on how to and how not to wear a beret.

It is said that for some people the left and right leaning side showed their political affiliation; Jean Paul Sartre ballanced his beret flat on his head, while writer Heinrich Böll pulled his right over his head.

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