Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Daniel Bidelnica

Academic painter Daniel Bidelnica was born in 1957 in Nitra, Slovakia.

He has acquired basic art experience at the Folk Arts School and in 1975 he finished with prof. Rudolf Filu Secondary School of Applied Arts in Bratislava.

After graduation, he returned to Nitra at LSU, where he worked as a teacher. In 1977 he began to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, at the Department of Monumental Painting, led by doc. Ivana Vychlopena. He graduated in 1983 in atelier doc. Eugenia Lehotska. He lives and forms as a freelance artist in Bratislava. Until 2017, when he was living a significant jubilee, he worked in the studio of the first private school Gustave Malý, where Koloman Sokol, Cyprián Majerník, Ladislav Guderna, Marián Čunderlík and many others worked in front of him. At present, he lives and creates in his new studio on the site of the Roman military settlement Gerulata in Rusovce near Bratislava.

The individual development stages of this artist are influenced by foreign tours where, at the end of their stays, they organize exhibitions. Beyond Canada, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, India, Cuba and Egypt, or the most recent Ethiopia and South Korea, can be considered as breakthroughs. These stays into his work gradually brought in and bring a fundamental understanding of the legacy of ancient cultures, which creates the bold and characteristic color of his paintings or graphics.

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