Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Żandarmeria Wojskowa

The Military Gendarmerie (Żandarmeria Wojskowa, abbreviated ŻW) is a military police force established in 1990 in Poland as a specialized division of the Polish Armed Forces.

The Polish Military Gendarmerie is a military police force that traces its history to the communist-era Military Internal Service (Wojskowa Służba Wewnętrzna); the World War II-era Service for Protection of the Uprising (Wojskowa Służba Ochrony Powstania); the interwar-era military police in the Second Polish Republic; the formations of the January and November Uprising, Duchy of Warsaw and finally, some officials of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, first created in early 17th century.

The modern Polish Military Gendarmerie was formed on 1 September.

In August 2001, Sejm (lower house of parliament of Poland) passed Act on the Military Gendarmerie and other law enforcement authorities which specify tasks and authorities of the Military Gendarmerie.

In October 2020, the Military Gendarmerie were ordered to help the civilian police in the "protection of safety and public order", starting from 28 October 2020. The order was given in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic in Poland.

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