Saturday, April 22, 2023


The Gendarmery (Жандармерија, Žandarmerija) is the national gendarmerie force of the Republic of Serbia. It is under the authority of the Police Directorate of the Serbian Ministry of Interior and was formed on 28 June 2001, after the disbandment of the Special Police Units (PJP).

Gendarmery in Serbia existed in previous form from 1860 to 1920. As a special unit inside Serbian police, its role can be compared to those of Russian OMON and former Ukrainian Berkut units.

As of 2017, Gendarmery consists of about 2,800 members. The Command of the Gendarmery is in Belgrade.

The gendarmery's duties are both civilian and military, including securing the 'Ground Safety Zone' along the administrative line with Kosovo and providing disaster rescue teams.

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