Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Enrique Ochoa

Self portrait with boina
Enrique Ochoa (1891-1978) was a versatile Spanish artist and humanist. His work and his life is a whole back to the Renaissance.
Ochoa was called “el pintor de la música” (the music painter).
Municipal Museo of El Puerto El último amor
With more than 2000 illustrations published in books and the magazines of the time, helped shape the image of a whole generation of writers in the first quarter of the twentieth century.
Municipal Museo of El Puerto Hombre con boina roja
He illustrated the complete works of Rubén Darío and was known for his portraits of women.
His restlessness and creativity led him to investigate and herald new trends, travelling the world together with his partner Osés Carmen Hidalgountil her death in 1961.

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  1. These Spanish artists are truly the Best and have enriched the globe. I especially appreciate an artist who is not afraid to express himself through the beret.

    For me, the beret is my lifestyle, my passion and without it, i would be lost....a stranger in the crowd. Long live Spain, it's artists and beautiful people!