Monday, June 9, 2014

More Interesting Vintage Beret Pics from Australia

Melbourne Vic. 1941-03-15. Left to right: Aircraftwoman Margaret Miligan, Leslie Griffiths, Coral Clabburn on first recruit course at No 1 WAAAF Training Depot, Mayfield Avenue, Melbourne, wearing overalls and berets.
Portrait of a young East Timorese boy wearing a small gold kangaroo badge pinned to his brown beret. He is part of a crowd of locals who are watching the exhumation of bodies by an international crime scene investigation team. The human remains are those of East Timorese civilians who were massacred in the enclave in September 1999. Following the overwhelming vote for independence by the East Timorese on 30 August 1999 in the United Nations (UN) sponsored referendum, the pro-Indonesian militia launched a campaign of destruction, arson and murder, killing approximately 1500 people and forcing 300 000 others into West Timor as refugees. On 15 September, the UN issued a resolution, calling for a multinational force to restore peace and security and facilitate humanitarian assistance operations. By 20 September 1999, the first coalition force began deploying to East Timor as part of the Australian-led International Force for East Timor (INTERFET)..
Western Desert, Egypt. 11 November 1942. Portrait of Air Vice Marshal Arthur Coningham, Air Officer Commanding Western Desert (left, with his foot on a captured German petrol tin), and General B. L. Montgomery (wearing a beret), in conference at a headquarters. 
 A group of wireless telegraphists who worked at the Gawler Telecommunications Unit on the RAAF Base at Gawler. The unit was formerly known as Wireless Telegraphy Station. The women (WAAAF), some with beret, are gathered at a window of the galvanised iron hut that served as their living quarters.

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