Monday, June 30, 2014


Nadau is an Occitan band that sings in Occitan, the local language, since 1973. Originally from Tarbes, the group has become a symbol of the struggle for recognition Occitan language and culture.
Many have followed Nadua’s example and started singing in Occitan. Nadau also played an important role in the creation and development of the Calandreta (Occitan school) and is now well known all over France.
Themes range from protest songs to traditional tunes, to songs of love and children. They have also been able to recover the sound of some instruments that were lost over time, and mix them with the electric guitar.
Their most important song is The immortèla or any of the L'immortèla, composed in 1978 and which has become a sort of folk anthem for the Bearn and d ' Aquitaine.

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