Saturday, June 14, 2014


Both berets and Bosnia are very dear to my heart; I published on these before
Fourteen years ago on this date, June 14 1992, in Pioneer Street (Pionirska Ulica) in Visegrad around 60 Bosniak civilians, (women, children and elderly) were barricaded and burnt alive in a house. Almost all were from Koritnik village and a majority of them belonged to the Kurspahic family. Koritnik was looted and set ablaze.
Meho Aljic (middle), owner of the house where Bosniaks were burnt alive by Bosnian Serb soldiers in June 1992.
People crowded the site where Meho Aljic’s house once stood
Esad Tufekcic and other participants engage in a prayer for their loved ones, at the end of the ceremony. 

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