Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Re-enactment of the Spanish Civil War

Historical re-enactment is an educational or entertainment activity in which people follow a plan to recreate aspects of a historical event or period. This may be as narrow as a specific moment from a battle, such as the battle for Belchite, or as broad as an entire period, such as the Spanish Civil War.
And when the Spanish Civil War is concerned, there are many berets, of course.
At the beginning of the conflict, the Republican (Government) forces were a ragtag band full of inconsistent uniforms and black and navy-blue berets were omnipresent. Later, when the army got itself organized, both berets and forage caps were used, while the beret became a symbol of pride for the members of the International Brigades. 

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  1. My grandpa (from Jaen, Andalucia) fought in the Spanish Civil War on the Republican side. Too bad Franco re-installed the Borbon Dynasty AGAIN (even France had rid itself of this same plague earlier). Now Phillip VI took the reigns on June 19th. 2014. All of Europes Royal Houses, especially the House of Lancaster - Queen of England - NEED TO GO! Who will boot-them-out remains a mystery?? Hopefully soon though!