Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Le Petit Beret

Stemming from a love of all things (small) and French, and the longing for a time when hats were a staple of every woman's wardrobe, Le Petit Beret was born.
The designer, Danielle Suppa, originally developed her charming, diminutive toppers to compliment her Spring 2008 women's ready to wear collection. Designed and crafted individually in her Toronto workspace (about as tiny as a Petit Beret itself), each beret is a thoughtful combination of fabric, colour and texture, both inside and out.
They epitomize a design philosophy that assures women can be equally elegant as they are innocent, sophisticated as they are capricious.
As a woman who has already worn many hats so far (both literally and figuratively), Danielle finds inspiration in the fine print, the small details, the fleeting yet unforgettable moments. The world always manages to surprise- when life gives you scraps, make hats.

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