Thursday, March 24, 2016

Karl Planeth

From 1946 to 1992, beret wearing Karl Planeth formed an integral part of Rostock city wall behind the St. Peter's Church. Coming from the turmoil of war, he did not need a contract of National Construction work; he sought out his own task.
First, the rubble and the debris had to be cleared away. In every free minute Karl Planeth laid paths and lawns of planted bushes and shrubs. With an ancient handcart he carted material like old bedsteads, rods, planks and bricks in order to build stairs. So it was again possible to enter the Slüterdenkmal to visit.
For the children of the city he created a toboggan slide for sledding in winter.

To honor the work of Karl Planeth and to keep the memory of him alive, the way along the ramparts between Petritor and the Am Bagehl Street will carry his name.

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